OkoAds - Adserver of OkoClick, the responsible adnetwork

frOkoAds is the adserver of OkoClick, the responsible adnetwork that does not track users and promotes green and fair products
OkoClick is edited by NokéWeb



Okoads is the adserver of OkoClick, the responsible adnetwork. The service is edited by NokéWeb company.
OkoClick is an adnetwork based on the absence of private data collection and exploit.
NokéWeb does not cross-reference information in order to discover personal information. OkoAds does not track web users, does not resort to re-targeting and does not display intrusive ad formats (extend banners, interstitial pages, music autoplay etc.)

The team at NokéWeb is dynamically commited to implement proper technical and management measures to make sure personal data are correctly protected, The objective is a strict compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1- Personal data processed

OkoAds does not collect any personal data.

The IP address of visitors is immediately anonymised, as recommended by European Authorities. All further treatments are using anonymised data. Other data collected are the user agent and the URL of the websites displaying OkoClick’s ads.
The data is collected in order to manage audience statistics for the adnetwork and to detect and prevent fraud.

NokéWeb does not share users’ personal data with third-parties. 

2 - Data protection management

Okoads, web service edited by NokéWeb, is hosted on on a dedicated and partitioned server space on professional secured servers located in France, rented to companies that are subject to data protection regulations.

Non personal data collected by OkoAds are registered in dedicated databases protected by specific logins and passwords.
Only employees specifically empowered can access OkoAds’ data.